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Narratives for Qlik: Living our Mission

I recently visited one of our clients, USAA, a mission-driven organization that prides itself on delivering stellar member experiences. As soon as I arrived at USAA’s campus I started to get a feel for the member-centric culture. At USAA, every presentation starts with the company mission and core values.

Inspired by USAA’s approach, I'll start by articulating our mission:

At Narrative Science, our mission is to enhance human productivity and make people smarter by providing data-driven narratives that explain, amplify and illuminate significant events and outcomes.

As a mission-driven organization, everything we do at Narrative Science is centered around this goal. So today, I am thrilled to announce our technology partnership with Qlik and a new product that tangibly demonstrates our mission so well: Narratives for Qlik® a free extension for Qlik Sense.

The Next Generation of Data Discovery and Visualization

Narratives for Qlik automatically generates dynamic narratives to explain what is most interesting and important about visualizations built within Qlik Sense. Acting as a companion analyst to guide the discovery process, the extension provides context to charts and graphs by communicating insights in natural language, ultimately accelerating time to insights and enhancing productivity. In other words, it makes Qlik Sense users smarter.

Once the sole domain of expert power users, the business intelligence landscape has changed dramatically. Narratives for Qlik empowers all users, regardless of skillset, to immediately gain insight from their data through the power of advanced natural language generation (NLG).

Integrating NLG into BI is a capability that our customers see as extremely valuable and that the market sees as table stakes for the next generation of data discovery and visualization tools:

"Due to NLG's potential impact on expanding analytics to a broader audience, it will become a feature of most data discovery platforms." -- Gartner Hype Cycle for BI & Analytics, 2015

From business users who need to interpret complex visuals to experts seeking a better starting point to further their analysis or simply looking for a way to save time, everyone can easily use these data driven narratives to explain, amplify and illuminate significant events and outcomes.

I urge you to try Narratives for Qlik yourself, share amongst your colleagues, and learn how, thanks to Narrative Science, business intelligence will never be the same.


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