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How Narrative Science and Indix Are Solving the Top 3 Hurdles to Better Product Content

Whether a brick and mortar store or an online marketplace, the goal of every retailer is to help the consumer find what they are looking for in the quickest way possible. Slightly different than setting up colorful displays and cleverly organizing the store, e-retailers must optimize their product pages in a way that the customer has an easy time finding it.

One of the greatest ways to capture online shoppers’ traffic is by having fresh, relevant content on every product page, but this is not an easy task for e-retailers who have thousands or even millions of SKUs.

Below are the top three reasons companies struggle with building an SEO solution and how our partnership with Indix can fix that:

1) “I Have Too Many Products”

When working with incredibly high volumes of product pages, refreshing the content for millions of pages can seem like a daunting task. Narrative Science’s advanced natural language generation (NLG) software, Quill, allows brands to leverage their style guides and SEO strategy in a scalable way that once configured, can write thousands of descriptions in seconds.

That way, content teams can focus on measuring what is working and how they want to tweak their keyword strategy rather than getting bogged down in constantly writing and updating product descriptions.

2) “My Data Isn’t Standardized”

In order to scale a content solution utilizing an NLG platform, you need a product hierarchy and product attributes that are structured, so that the system can be trained to know what to look for in order to create meaningful content.

Using the Indix Cloud Catalog of more than 700 million products, you get access to the structured data necessary to easily work with a solution like Quill. That way, companies can spend their time on high value tasks, like elevating their SEO strategy and brand voice instead of performing tedious data management tasks.

3) “I Don’t Have Enough Data”

A machine’s output can only be as good as its inputs. Often times, e-retailers just simply don’t have enough datapoints on their products in order to generate comprehensive descriptions that provide the details customers and search engines alike are looking to see.

However, Indix Cloud Catalog is built using product information from thousands of websites and feeds to surface a comprehensive list of attributes that allow Quill to write in great detail about each product.

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