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E-Commerce Best Practices: A Look at SEO Improvements

Research estimates that there are over 12 million online retail websites. That’s some major competition from an SEO perspective.

So how do you make your website stand out among the rest? Maintaining updated, informative content on your company’s website is the key to keeping your customers engaged, as well as giving your SEO ranking a boost.

Here are three e-commerce best practices to keep your customers coming back for more:

Use Videos to Add Value

Have you considered integrating videos into your SEO strategy? Research shows that you can increase the chance of your website landing on the front page of a Google search by 53 times if you add a video to your page. When you tactfully embed keywords in a video’s title and include additional content to accompany the video, it helps improve your SEO ranking.

Beyond SEO, videos can be a huge education opportunity for you and your customers. Not only do they provide visual insight into your products and company for your customers, videos provide an opportunity to track your visitors’ engagement with your site.

You can gain insight into how to adjust your website layout accordingly (i.e. should the video be higher up on the page?) through the tracking and analysis of this engagement. Your customers learn about your products and you learn about your customers.

Allow people to leave reviews

Consumers rely on and trust other consumers’ opinions, even if they are total strangers, so much so that 88% of shoppers incorporate reading reviews as a step in their shopping process. While you may know the importance of reviews for purchase decisions, you might not realize how they factor into SEO.

Popular sites such as Amazon and Groupon use this e-commerce best practice. By opening up your website for product feedback, you gain insight into how your product or services are performing while organically generating keywords to up your SEO ranking. Customer reviews containing new keywords can help other consumers find your product simply as a result of having more searchable content available or language that you might not have thought to use to describe your offerings.

Refresh your content monthly

There has been a great amount of research done on how Google defines ‘fresh’ for its SEO ranking and this great article from Moz delves into more details on the subject. It is undisputed that fresh content is important. It is also undeniable that manually updating your content is a time-intensive and expensive process.

An alternative option (and one deployed by some leading e-commerce sites) is the use of advanced natural language generation (Advanced NLG) technology. With one click, you can generate thousands of unique descriptions to automatically refresh your website. Additionally, Advanced NLG can be tailored to write in your brand’s tone of voice.

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