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Disrupting BI with Talking Bots: A Partnership with Sisense

Ask Siri to schedule your meeting for you, and she’ll immediately create a calendar invite. Tell Amazon Alexa to buy paper towels, and you’ll find a package sitting on your doorstep less than two days later. Say hello to the era of intelligent conversational systems, which are helping to make our everyday consumer lives easier.

The enterprise has taken note, with conversational user experiences moving from assisting with task-oriented applications to facilitating increasingly intelligent engagements.

Imagine if you could simply ask - or type - your critical business questions and not only receive answers, but also explanations about hidden insights in your data. Instead of being tied to your computer, you can now interact with virtual assistants to understand the ‘why’ behind business performance wherever you are.

Powering intelligent conversation with AI

We’re thrilled to unveil a strategic partnership with Sisense to bring AI-powered conversational interfaces into the world of BI & Analytics. Aiming to simplify business analytics for complex data, Sisense has pushed BI forward by innovating with Advanced Natural Language Generation (NLG) to make their users smarter.

Sisense is leveraging the Narratives for Business Intelligence API to power Sisense Everywhere, a program bringing BI out of dashboard and into everyday environments.

With Sisense Everywhere, you can now converse with systems such as an Amazon Echo or a Slack chatbot to surface important and interesting insights into your natural environment. These intelligent systems, powered by advanced analytics, automatically slice, filter, and analyze data, allowing you to email and share insights with anyone across your organization.

Driving innovation in BI & Analytics

WIth the collaboration between Sisense and Narrative Science, we’re working together to drive the future of analytics. According to Gartner, “NLG or narration of insights is the next phase in the evolution from standard reporting to storytelling.” (Gartner, 2017 Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms). The impact of NLG? Higher productivity and smarter decision-making across all organizations.

Come see us at the Gartner BI & Analytics Summit where we will be demonstrating our joint technology with Sisense at the “Innovative BI in Action session” on March 5, 2017!

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