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Announcing our New Research Report: "Outlook on Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise 2016"

“62% of organizations will be using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies by 2018.” - Outlook on Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise 2016

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for decades, but only recently has it begun to emerge as a viable field with massive commercial opportunity. Why now? The proliferation of data. Data is the fuel that feeds AI and is opening opportunities that we can only have imagined until now. And, large enterprises are waking up to this opportunity.

Findings from our newly published research report, “Outlook on Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise 2016”, indicate major changes as to the perception and use of AI-powered solutions. The survey results clearly speak to the power of the partnership. AI technologies, when combined with human skills, produce results reaching beyond what either group could achieve alone.

The research report, based on a survey of 235 senior business executives from a variety of industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services, reveals relevant insight like:

AI adoption is imminent

38 percent of the survey group are using AI technologies, and another 26 percent plan to do so by 2018.

Predictive analytics is dominating the enterprise

While not that surprising that 58 percent of respondents confirmed use of the technology, we think this finding reflects a larger pattern. Given the vast amounts of data required to enable predictive analytics, this finding also points to the growing availability of high-quality data.

As companies become more sophisticated at extracting information from their data, we’re going to see transformative shifts in the decision-making process related to operations, product design, and customer service.

The shortage of data science talent continues to affect organizations

20 percent of respondents named ‘shortage of data science talent’ as the primary barrier to realizing value from their big data technologies. Data scientists don’t scale, and new AI technologies are beginning to emerge that help automate some of their tasks.

The research report is also packed with other useful information. I encourage you to download a copy today!


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