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Announcing a New Partnership Between Tableau and Narrative Science

I am thrilled to announce our new partnership with Tableau, Inc. as well as the release of Narratives for Tableau™, an extension for Google Chrome that enables Tableau Server 10.0, Tableau Public, and Tableau Online customers to automatically receive written stories about visualizations created in Tableau.

This product extension is a public preview that serves as a first step towards more deeply integrating Advanced NLG into Tableau and supports Tableau’s vision of making data understandable by everybody.

Data for everyone with Narratives for Tableau

Stories generated via Narratives for Tableau are driven by advanced analytics and explain what is most interesting and important in the visualization, making it easier for users to gain insights that drive decision-making. The easy-to-use, intuitive design empowers all users to use Narratives for Tableau within minutes.

With Narratives for Tableau, sharing data insights via easy-to-consume narratives is also simple. Users can embed narratives and accompanying visualizations in a published web page, allowing others to interact with dynamic narratives directly.

At Narrative Science, our focus is to enhance productivity and make people smarter through intelligent, data-driven narratives. Our partnership with Tableau is an embodiment of this mission and an important milestone for Narrative Science.


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