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4 Reasons to Use Automated Product Descriptions to Drive Website Traffic

Often times, organizations make the mistake of thinking they have to choose between SEO-friendly product descriptions and descriptions that people actually enjoy reading. With advanced natural language generation (Advanced NLG), you can actually have both, at scale, along with the flexibility to shift your focus. Sounds great, right?

The below four reasons explain why automated product descriptions may be the missing cornerstone of your web traffic strategy.

1.  Speed Up Implementation Time     

Taking the time to carefully craft your SEO strategy from the layout of the page to the targeted keyword phrases is no easy job. Then, being tasked to implement that strategy in the descriptions across thousands or even millions of product pages across your site can seem impossible. The good news is, it is not only possible, it is possible to do this in just a few short weeks.

With our advanced NLG platform, Quill, we can program your style guide, your keyword strategy, and your tone into a custom solution for your business. Once that configuration work is done, every piece of content written by Quill matches your business’s unique style and helps drive your customers to your site.

2. Discover What Works Faster

Often in a developing SEO strategy, you have to perform A/B testing on different pages to see what content works. With automation, you can quickly test 100,000 bullet point descriptions against 100,000 long-form descriptions as one example.

3.  Differentiate from Your Competitors

Everyone’s e-commerce goals are similar: drive customers to your site and sell your product. Simply using the manufacturer’s description or spec sheet won’t do because the same content is distributed to all retailers that sell that particular item.

Search engines reward sites that create unique content, rather than inundating the Internet with the same description available on every retailer’s site. How unique can a description written by a machine really be, you ask? Much more unique than a human writer’s attempt at writing 5,000 descriptions of a handbag. Quill is equipped with variability customized to your product categories so it can write about a single product in hundreds of different ways.  

4. Update Often and As Needed

Trends in the marketplace change, and you’re tasked with editing your content accordingly. Maybe you’ve found a new buyer persona and you need a tailored voice for that audience, or you’ve finally landed on what long tail keyword phrases are working for you. Regardless of the reason, with a couple quick changes to your custom configuration, you can swap out keywords, write for a new audience, or add new data.

All these reasons may have you rethinking your strategy or even considering the option of building an in-house solution for your business, but no matter the path you take, automated product descriptions are increasingly becoming part of the e-commerce landscape.


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