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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Natural Language Generation

The next time you have a moment at work or at home, look around and marvel at the objects and tools you use to navigate the daily challenges of life. Be astonished by their complexity, and then be further stunned by the infinitely more complex details associated with their assembly and delivery to your doorstep. Think about how you used to accomplish the task that object is meant to assist with (if you were able to at all) before the thing existed. Finally, give pause to what these objects all might have in common.

For me, that unifying factor is progress. Now, let’s apply the same process to how people get information from and communicate with machines. Progress in the realm of Artificial Intelligence technology has evolved due to a set of shared circumstances companies are experiencing. The status quo methods of extracting valuable knowledge from large datasets and communicating those insights is lacking. In response, these organizations are banding together to send a clear message: give us a better way.

We created a better way; it’s called Quill. Quill, an AI-powered Natural Language Generation (NLG) platform, solves the all-too-common challenge that many enterprises face today—the ability to draw actionable, data-driven insights at scale. Quill transforms data into automated, human-sounding written narratives to empower organizations with relevant information and establish operational efficiencies.

Here are three reasons why NLG will lead to demonstrable progress in your own business.

1) Freedom

Analysis is hard. Pouring over spreadsheets, connecting the dots between charts and graphs, and writing a comprehensible summary of the results can feel particularly soul-sucking, especially if it’s an oft-repeated task. What if the hours (and, more importantly, the minds) dedicated to summarizing data-driven performance outcomes were liberated to solve problems in other areas of your business? NLG eliminates manual, time-consuming operational reporting across the enterprise. That’s progress.

2) Scale

Building a system that maintains or improves performance under an increased workload is no small feat. The average human certainly struggles to do this. Why not take advantage of software solutions specifically designed to learn the rules of your business, and write precisely about all the different outcomes and scenarios that might present themselves at tremendous volume and speed? Consider the impact of delivering relevant information to your customers in five seconds versus five days. That’s progress.

3) Accuracy

Nothing will ever top the skill of the nervous-system command center sitting between each of our ears. And yet, everyone makes mistakes. The name of the game is to take steps to mitigate the frequency and magnitude of those mistakes. A fully-configured Quill deployment will not make miscalculations or fail to “carry the one”. It will not make spelling or grammatical errors. It will not glance at its smartphone to check Instagram when facing a pesky deadline. (It can be bargained with, thankfully). NLG technology allows for unprecedented accuracy in the communications sent to employees and customers. You guessed it. That’s progress.

Natural Language Generation solutions are eliminating manual tasks and creating new opportunities for businesses across the enterprise to tap into their data resources in previously impossible ways. I hope that, one day, it will fall into the category of objects we cannot imagine going through our day without using, whose ease of use masks a staggering complexity that one only considers upon attempts to not take it for granted. Take a look at our latest research report below to learn how enterprises are using artificial intelligence-powered technologies like NLG to improve their businesses today.

Read our white paper, "The Automated Analyst," to learn more about the value of transforming your data into stories:

automated analyst white paper


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