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We created Quill to help you realize the untapped potential of your data—to make it easier for more people in your enterprise to access and understand it, and make it an actionable asset. Quill transforms data into automated, human-sounding Intelligent Narratives that empower your people with insights to improve every aspect of your business.

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The story behind Quill

What makes it different?


actionable insight

Data as asset

Realize the true value of your data, when your employees use it to make better decisions, drive customer engagement and spur product innovation.

empowered employees


When your employees don’t have to spend time manually interpreting dashboards and writing reports, they can focus on the things that improve your business.


Personalized narratives

Use your data to build stronger relationships. Quill lets you customize your narratives, with information that’s truly meaningful to your customers.

machine scale

Machine scale, human touch

Quill uses everyday language, but can handle any size data set, processing speed or number of stories. So, you get human-sounding narratives at scale.

What can Quill do for me?

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“Narrative Science seems to be furthest along in creating a platform to support the two key activities that make NLG [Natural Language Generation software] applications sing: Understanding the signals in a domain and rendering useful language for specific audiences.”

Dan Woods, Why Big Data Needs Natural Language Generation to Work, Forbes

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