SolutionsQuill delivers actionable narrative reporting and personalized communication.

Improving Sales Force Intelligence

Every Company that Sells has the Same Questions

CRM and SFA tools are pervasive in every industry – whether you are an insurance firm, pharmaceutical company or selling consumer goods.  But many of these systems don’t allow you to easily and quickly find meaning and answers to your critical sales questions hidden in the data; nor are they designed to communicate those answers in a form you can understand.  

You need more than charts and graphs.  You need the story.

Performance Analysis that Delivers Answers, Not Just Numbers

Quill dives into the data, understands it, and then transforms it into a plain English report that answers the questions you have about your sales force effectiveness – historical and current – and then recommends steps to improve.

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Intelligent, Customized, Insightful Reporting


Understand Your Needs

Quill uses your data and its understanding of your goals to pull insight and information out of the sea of numbers. It starts with raw performance and pipeline data and combines it with information such as:


Create Performance Analysis

The data about your team and your metrics is combined to create a performance analysis for individual team members, as well as for team managers and the executives they report to. The data Quill uses includes:


Custom Narrative Reports

Quill then produces scheduled or on-demand narrative reports that highlight key points for each audience based on your company’s organizational structure: