SolutionsQuill delivers actionable narrative reporting and personalized communication.

Insights that Drive Marketing Success

Quickly Find Answers From Campaign Analysis

Marketing is constantly asked to provide answers regarding the effectiveness of marketing spend. Visualization and analytics tools provide a start, but don’t explain what the data really means or how you should react to it.  Most marketers end up mired in the details of what’s happening in the data instead of leveraging insights from it to make decisions.

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Leverage the Power within Your Data

  • Marketing Campaign Analysis
    Marketing Campaign Analysis

    Quill helps marketers demonstrate value to executives, colleagues and partners by diving into the data and generating campaign analysis reports that answer your key questions of marketing performance and recommended improvements.

  • Customer Communications
    Customer Communications

    Quill automatically generates audience-specific customer communications at scale. Once it analyzes customer and peer usage patterns, the system recommends actions to increase user engagement and drive sales. Quill can integrate these reports into email campaigns and dashboards to provide personalized experiences based on your customer’s data.

  • Quill Engage™ for Google Analytics
    Quill Engage™ for Google Analytics

    Quill Engage is a FREE application that automatically analyzes and transforms your Google Analytics data into natural language reports.  Sign up and immediately receive weekly and monthly emailed reports on your site’s most important and interesting insights.  You can set up automated sharing for colleagues or clients, and it’s easy to read on any mobile device.

    Learn more about Quill Engage for Google Analytics

  • Social Media Profiles
    Social Media Profiles

    Quill automatically generates powerful narratives from social data, enabling engaging social networking opportunities. Quill creates an interesting and meaningful story for an event, a person, a group or all of the above. The stories summarize interests and behaviors, and offer networking suggestions based on topics associated with prior social interactions.

    Do you utilize Twitter in your event marketing?  To get started with Quill for Twitter, contact us.

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How It Works

Intelligent, Customized, Insightful Marketing Campaign Analysis


Understand Your Needs

Quill uses your data and its understanding of your goals to pull insight and information out of the sea of numbers. The system starts by looking at descriptive data and performance metrics such as:


Conduct Marketing Analysis

The overview campaign data is then combined with performance data to create a comprehensive campaign performance review that can be shared with both internal and external audiences. The data Quill uses includes: 


Custom Narrative Reports

Quill then produces scheduled or on-demand narrative reports that highlight key points for each audience based on your company’s organizational structure: