IndustriesThe flexibility to extract knowledge and deliver value across industries.

Data-Driven Solutions

Transform financial, portfolio and market data into insightful, tailored narratives.
  • Wealth Management
    Wealth Management

    Arm your investment managers and financial advisors with customized portfolio intelligence that prepares them for every client interaction in significantly less time.

    Provide clients with regular, mobile-friendly account performance summaries and updates, and send proactive alerts regarding imbalances, changes in risk and other important discoveries.

  • Investment Research
    Investment Research

    Quill gives you the power to increase the coverage, timeliness and consistency of your investment research without the need for additional human resources. Using a variety of public and private data, Quill efficiently and responsively produces human quality research reports at machine scale. Research updates are triggered any time the underlying numbers change ensuring that your research is always up to date.

  • Regulatory Disclosure Reporting
    Regulatory Disclosure Reporting

    Quill reduces the time and effort required to produce required regulatory disclosure reporting by half. Instead of finding and hiring writers, companies can simply feed Quill the data and automatically generate the appropriate summaries that are mandated by the SEC, such as Management’s Discussion of Fund Performance (MDFP).

  • Market Sector Reports
    Market Sector Reports

    Quill automatically scans and identifies the key market events that could impact risk and produces sector reports that reflect your institution’s voice, tone and style. Not only will you be able to expand the number of sectors covered, Quill gives your analysts more time for in-depth research and analysis, and allows institutional investors who trade through the institution to generate more commissions.

  • Financial News
    Financial News

    Quill generates internal and market-focused stories on company performance, holdings/trading, earnings previews and recaps, stock alerts, sector wraps and industry summaries.