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The New World of Data Analytics and Narrative Communication

Generating News Stories from Data

Narrative Science began life as a Northwestern University research project called StatsMonkey. StatsMonkey was a piece of software that automatically generated baseball game recaps. The software was developed by Northwestern computer science students and journalism students who were advised by Kris Hammond and Larry Birnbaum, both professors at Northwestern and co-directors of the Intelligent Information Laboratory. The “InfoLab” already had a strong focus on the automatic generation of content and StatsMonkey was a natural outgrowth of that focus.

The crazy thing about StatsMonkey was that it worked. Really well. As a result, two of the students working on the project (our own John Templon and Nick Allen) joined the InfoLab (and eventually joined Narrative Science!) and continued working on StatsMonkey as a university project.

Bringing Narrative Communication to Data Analytics

Stuart Frankel, who had been advising the InfoLab, worked with Kris Hammond and Larry Birnbaum to raise an initial round of funding and license the early technology and intellectual property rights from Northwestern, and Narrative Science was born.

Narrative Science was incorporated in January 2010 and the business quickly grew. We scrapped StatsMonkey and built an entirely new, patented artificial intelligence authoring platform that we named Quill™. We hired the best of the best in terms of engineering, editorial and business talent. Most of our software engineers are graduates of top computer science, engineering and physics programs (including Yale, Cornell, University of Chicago, Northwestern, Purdue and University of Illinois) and have worked at great companies like Amazon, Google, DoubleClick, Orbitz, Thomson Reuters and Adobe.

From here begins the story of our company and the new, revolutionary approach to business analytics and natural language communication.

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